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Green Producing

Alternative generators in use on film sets
QR Codes are used to intensify crew members

Our comprehensive service portfolio supports you in implementing sustainable measures during film production: before filming begins, during and after filming. 2. Before filming: Preparation & discussions Green session and green commitment: In meetings with relevant departments, we discuss sustainable production and develop an individual green commitment. Green concept with hot spots and solutions: We identify hot spots and develop solutions in accordance with requirements and analyze the environmental impact of your production. Green schedule: We create a detailed schedule for the implementation of sustainable measures. Preparation of CO2 accounting: Together with the film management, we prepare the data collection for the CO2 calculator. Green briefing: We provide sustainable products, conduct briefings and consultations with departments, send information warm-up emails and organize green producing briefings for external participants. Green purchasing: We define a purchasing management that aims to conserve resources. Green catering: We design and conduct a catering team survey to evaluate sustainable catering options. Green assistance: We support the planning and organization of waste management, power supply and mobility concepts. Green feedback: Before filming, we pass on feedback on findings, ideas and problems from the departments. 3. During filming: set visits, organization & documentation Green set check: We regularly check the implementation of the green concept and document the measures. CO2 monitoring: We collect all consumption data and CO2-relevant data during production. (in consultation with production) 4. After filming: evaluation, report & accounting CO2 accounting: We create an actual CO2 balance based on the project implementation. Green Motion final report: We write a final report based on a standardized template. Green feedback: After filming, we pass on findings, ideas and problems from the departments. Green compensation: We develop a compensation proposal with meaningful projects. Our goal is to make your film production sustainable and environmentally friendly through targeted measures.

Green Producing

its not easy bein green

but it's worth all efforts

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